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What do you think PSG accepts Lionel Messi’s apology?

Lionel Messi suspended

Did PSG suspend Lionel Messi? Argentinean President Mauricio Macri has issued a statement dispensing his unsolicited trip to Saudi Arabia. Does that suffice to extend Macri’s stay in Paris? LIONEL MESSI PSG APOLOGY?

Lionel Messi’s impressive spell in the French capital appears to be coming to an end following 65 goals in 71 matches.

Despite the expiration of his Paris Saint-Germain contract in a few months, rumors of a romantic return to Barcelona and a reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo persist.

As it turns out, Messi’s trip to the Gulf state – against the recommendation of his employers – was the final nail in the coffin.

There has been a predictable backlash from Argentina’s typically animated fanbase after the star received a punishment unprecedented for the capital club. As a result, Messi felt compelled to apologize publicly for his uninvited trip.

Can PSG accept that and move forward with further negotiations? Is the capital club better off letting go of one of their oldest and highest-paid squad members?


The capital club has been experiencing drama this week as marquee player Lionel Messi was suspended for flying without permission to Saudi Arabia – as part of a sponsorship arrangement with the government there – following Sunday’s Ligue 1 Uber Eats match against FC Lorient.

Messi, whose contract at the Parc des Princes ends in June, was suspended for two weeks from training and playing by Paris Saint-Germain – perhaps as a statement that no player is bigger than the club. The goat’s perspective.

It has been speculated that the diminutive genius may already have played his last game for Paris – there has been talk of a return to Barcelona or a move to Inter Miami in the MLS – but the man has clarified his position on Instagram.

Did Lionel Messi try to extend his contract beyond 2023?

I wanted to make this video after everything that’s happened. First and foremost, I apologize to my teammates at the club. I honestly believed we’d have the day off after the game like we had before. Once again, I apologize for what I did. I had planned this trip to Saudi Arabia, which I had already canceled and could not make it. So here I am, waiting to see what the club wants to do, nothing more. A hug.” Sidelined

During Round 35, Messi will have to watch on as Paris Saint-Germain face Troyes, as well as the game between Ajaccio and Paris Saint-Germain. Against Auxerre in Round 36 on 21 May, he will be eligible to return to action.

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