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Joao Felix’s Girlfriend, Pedro Porro Joao Felix

Joao Felix's girlfriend Magui Corceiro

Joao Felix’s Girlfriend 2023: Who is Joao Felix’s Girlfriend, and how is Chelsea-bound Joao Felix doing?

In this post, we have provided information on Joao Felix’s girlfriend in 2023. You can read all the details about Joao Felix’s girlfriend 2023 in the sections below.

As of 2023, Magui Corceiro is Joao Felix’s girlfriend (according to the Sun). Magui Corceiro is Joao Felix’s current and former girlfriend. Get to know more about Joao Felix in the following sections.
Fans are currently looking for information on the Portuguese footballer Joao Felix. Joao Felix’s biography and other information can be found here.
Joao Felix was born on November 10, 1999. He has gained more popularity, so people eagerly search for his biography. Yes, check out Joao Felix’s biography below.

Who is Joao Felix’s girlfriend Magui Corceiro

In 2002, Magarida Corceiro was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and is a Portuguese actress and model.

Joao Felix's girlfriend Magui Corceiro

Santarem is a town in the Lisbon area of Portugal, where she was born. The first time Corceiro gained popularity was when she worked as a model for Missus swimwear.

Modeling agency Central Models represents her, which focuses on representing homegrown talent. Since then, the blonde beauty has appeared in several Portuguese soap operas and appeared on the Portuguese version of Dancing with the Stars in 2020.

It is believed that Felix and Corceiro began dating in 2019. At the time of the incident, Felix was 20 years old, and Corceiro was 17. A month prior to their meeting, Felix had just transferred from Portuguese club SL Benfica to Spanish club Atletico Madrid. According to Corceiro, the pair had mutual friends on Instagram. She and Felix started dating after Felix contacted her through direct messages on social media.

In 2022, Corceiro was accused of having an affair with Sporting Lisbon player Pedro Porro, which raised questions about their relationship. She and Felix refuted the allegations, with Corceiro insisting they were just friends. Felix tweeted in support of his lover as a result of the drama, saying: “Unsense is tarnishing Magui’s reputation! Stop! “No one deceives anyone.”

Chelsea-bound Joao Felix has a stunning girlfriend

Chelsea-bound Joao Felix has a stunning girlfriend

It was once falsely claimed that Chelsea-bound Joao Felix’s girlfriend had cheated on him. Joao Felix is all but a Chelsea player for the next five months at least. The 23-year-old is likely to move to England with his beautiful girlfriend Margarida Corceiro. Besides being followed by Neymar, Corceiro is also a model and actress.

As a result of Chelsea’s stunning £ 10 million loan deal with Atletico Madrid, Joao Felix is practically a Chelsea player. Despite a turbulent season, Felix will likely provide Chelsea with the quality they need. In his personal life, he is set to compete with other England superstars with stunning girlfriends.

Atletico Madrid star Corceiro and Felix began dating in 2019 when she was 17 and he was 20. Social media reports claim the young lovers met through mutual friends before physically meeting, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Joao Felix’s girlfriend denies affair with Pedro Porro

Despite accusations that she has been having an affair with Sporting Lisbon defender Pedro Porro, Magui Corceiro, the girlfriend of Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix, has denied it.

Despite dating for three years, two images have circulated of Corceiro and Felix kissing in a nightclub and Porro giving the 19-year-old a shirt after a Sporting game. According to Corceiro, Porro has “very good friendships” and the situation has gotten “out of hand”.

A kiss in an intimate moment wouldn’t take place in Lust, much less in the VIP area with that little balcony and in view of the entire club,” Corceiro said.

“I also don’t understand why those gentlemen who took the initiative to record that video and report it in such a nice way forgot to remember to record me talking and hugging the other people who were there, the other guys, the players because if we want to talk about Magui Corceiro always with the players and that this is a scene, there was a lot of material,” she continued.

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