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Did You Know: All about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi World Cup News

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi World Cup

Did you know about Ronaldo and Messi news: The final weeks of their football career are drawing closer as each day goes by.
We football fans will wish that we had never teased or made fun of these two when they announced their retirement from the game.
We’ll wish they were still in their 20s, playing against one another and making us adore football once more.
Because of the rivalry between them and the supporters, we fans occasionally mock them, but we all secretly adore them both and appreciate what they have accomplished for football.

They will always be the top two players in football history for those of us who grew up watching them play. Some people rank Messi first, while others rank Ronaldo first. That won’t ever alter.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
But be aware that if they stop playing football, we will always miss them.

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Did you know about Messi: The Same man, Different rivals, From different generations.

Did you know about Messi
  • 2017: It was Messi vs Cristiano
  • 2019: It was Messi vs Van Dijk
  • 2021: It was Messi vs Lewandowski
  • 2022: It is Messi vs Haaland & Mbappe

He is one of the greatest players ever, yet he never talks about himself or asserts that he is the best; instead, the world and his on-field performances speak for him.
Leo Messi, the one and only, is still in charge of the beautiful game at age 35!

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s partner after Portugal was booted out of the World Cup.

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo's

Your friend and coach acted poorly today. That friend that has garnered so much praise and respect from you. The same individual who witnessed how everything changed when you entered the game, but it was too late.
The best player in the world, his most potent tool, cannot be undervalued.


following Portugal’s elimination (via Instagram)

DID YOU KNOW: Messi was unhappy with Louis van Gaal

Messi was unhappy with Louis van Gaal

The Netherlands kept talking as though they had already advanced to the semifinals; some even insulted Messi and expressed confidence in their ability to stop him. I hope they’ve taken a lesson from this.
Van Gaal had stated that they would contain Messi with the entire team before the game, getting him out of the way and making it easy to stop him.
After the quarterfinal victory, Messi was dissatisfied with Louis van Gaal and the Netherlands bench.

Messi was unhappy with Louis van Gaal

Martinez, Emi “They’re provoking you too much, I said to Leo (because of the pressure Netherlands put on him before the game). Yes, I’ll score two tomorrow, he retorted. He made an incredible assist, took the final penalty, and scored the penalty. He went even further.” Making Messi mad is a huge mistake every single time!

What happens between Van Dijk Vs Messi in last world cup match?

On Messi, Van Dijk says: “Messi presents a challenge because, when we are attacking, he is usually lounging in a corner or whatever. When it comes to defensive organization, we’ll need to be really nimble.”

Van Dijk Vs Messi

Did you know: What Roy Keane say about Messi?

On Messi, Roy Keane says: “Whoever takes home the Golden Boot is irrelevant. I have no doubt that Lionel Messi will win the Golden Ball if he plays in the championship game. He is this World Cup’s top player.”
“View the England, Portugal, Brazil, and France teams. They have a ton of A-listers. even without Mbappe scoring. Giroud does. Saka will score even if Kane doesn’t. Both Portugal and Brazil have numerous goal scorers.”

Roy Keane say about Messi

“While if Messi is closely pursued, Argentina struggles.
demonstrates how crucial Messi is to this Argentina team.
If Messi weren’t on this team, they wouldn’t have even made it to the World Cup in the first place.”

DID YOU KNOW: Cristiano Ronaldo in the last few months

  • Lost his newborn son.
    Dropped by Erik ten Hag in the Premier League.
  • Left beloved Manchester United.
  • Dropped by Fernando Santos for Portugal.
  • Knocked out of the FIFA World Cup by Morocco, and surely never to return on this stage again.

Life hasn’t been easy on him lately.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the last few months

Did you know: Virgil Van Dijk protecting Leo Messi

Leo Messi being shielded by Virgil Van Dijk from his own teammates is a good deed.

 Virgil Van Dijk protecting Leo Messi

Lionel Messi Total Goal and Assist

Lionel Messi Total Goal and Assist

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first and last goals

Cristiano Ronaldo's first and last goals

Cristiano Ronaldo first goal in 2006, Portugal 🇵🇹 Vs Iran 🇮🇷 match

His last goal was in 2022 fifa World Cup against Ghana 🇬🇭 team.

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