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Messi World Cup 2022: Argentina’s are still dependent on a Lautaro Martinez

Messi world cup

Messi World Cup sticker 2022: The Inter star is struggling in Qatar, where Julian Alvarez has taken over his spot. However, one goal for the streaky striker might alter everything.

Long before the final whistle sounded at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Lautaro Martinez and Gonzalo Higuain were being compared. Argentina fans were concerned that history would repeat itself, and Lionel Messi’s chances of winning the World Cup would be snuffed out once more by an ineffective forward.

Of course, this was only a matchup from the round of 16, against Australia. Argentina had already accomplished enough to reach the quarterfinals, mostly thanks to yet another Essi masterpiece.

This victory, though, ought to have been much easier to secure. And it would have been if Lautaro hadn’t finished so horribly.

The Inter striker entered the game in the 70th minute, yet despite that, he completed the game with more predicted goals than any other player (0.58). He had three excellent chances to score in injury time alone, but he failed to take advantage of any of them.

In reality, it had been difficult to watch as Lautaro fled the scene looking bitterly angry after losing opportunity after opportunity to end the game.

Messi World Cup sticker 2022: Argentina does well in the World Cup as Lautaro Martinez suffers.

Unsurprisingly, his captain defended him right away. For us, Lautaro is a key player, Messi told TyC Sports. “He is a striker who relies on goals to survive.

Now that the World Cup quarterfinals and other events are approaching, it is crucial that he be well.

Messi is correct in that Argentina must find a method to free Lautaro if they want to stand a chance of winning this World Cup.

They have been fortunate up to this point in having Julian Alvarez take off. He scored goals in both of his starts at this level, becoming the first Argentine to do so since Hernan Crespo in Germany in 2006.

However, it is evident that Argentina will need in-form options off the bench even if Alvarez maintains his excellent form. Just take a look at the plethora of offensive alternatives that England, Brazil, and even a France that is injured have available to them.

Up to the final, substitutions will play a crucial part in this fierce competition that was played in a jam-packed season unlike any other. As a result, Lautaro still holds “extremely crucial” significance for Argentina. The 25-year-old was after all one of the prominent figures of the Lionel Scaloni period.

Lautaro Martinez and Messi world cup 2022 News

In February 2020, Messi stated in Mundo Deportivo, “He is brilliant, he has incredible skill. You could tell he was meant to be a star player, and now he has erupted and is displaying it.” “He has so much quality and complete player.” Also he holds the ball up, he pivots, he starts hunting for the ball and he has so much strength. It is fantastic in one-on-one situations. Scores goals, takes on everyone in the area.”

Mundo Deportivo is a confidence player, though. Of course, many are strikers in particular. Some people experience goal gluts, droughts, and repeat cycles. But Martinez is as erratic as they come.

Despite the fact that he is one of only five Argentines to have scored in four straight Champions League games, he also played 10 games without scoring in the same tournament until scoring a stunning goal against Liverpool last season.

With Lautaro, it’s usually either a feast or a famine, which at this moment is both cause for worry and hope. This has genuine two-way potential. With only top10 goal, he could just as well sink further into the hole as turn the tournament around.

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